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Self Defense Seminar

Ronin MMA is proud to announce that we have partnered with the San Antonio Humane Society for our upcoming event. SA Humane Society is a Non-Profit No Kill shelter. They have an amazing Foster Care Program. We have decided to team up with our students and with the community to help these guys out. 
Kevin. Fostered by Carolyn
Willow. Fostered by Carolyn
December 15th @ 2:30pm
We will be hosting a familiy friendly self defense seminar ages 10 and up. 

We are located at:
7515 Grissom RD #114, SA TX 78251
We are in the back of the green Grissom Business Park building. 

Cost: $5 per person or a pet item
 The $5 is a suggested donation, you may donate more. Below is a wish list of needed pet items. 100% of the proceed and items will go to the SA Humane Society! 
Community Drop Off Center
We will be taking donations during our normal business hours. If you are unable to attend our event and you still want to donate we can help you with that! 
We can take small cash donation.  If you would like to contibute a larger sum, please contact them directly.
San Antonio Humane Society:
4804 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78229

Panda. Fostered by Felicia
Thor. Fostered by Felicia
Frankie. Fostered by Felicia
This is our foster wish list of the things we need the most:
-Puppy & kitten wet & dry food

-Electrolyte powder packs (ex. Mommy's Bliss)

-Whelping collars

-Newborn nursing bottles

-Different nursing bottles

-Snuggle disk heating pad

-Digital pet kitchen scale for puppies & kittens

-Protein shaker bottles 

-Extra fine tooth combs (for fleas)

-Small plastic litter boxes for training kittens (That's a major need!!!!)
Wallaroo. Fostered by Annalisa
Become a Foster! 

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent contact:
[email protected]
Wallaby. Fostered by Annalisa